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Proven tips for the Library? Subscribe to a no cost library credit, learn how to use materials and analyze fines and prices for later part of the yield.

Proven tips for the Library? Subscribe to a no cost library credit, learn how to use materials and analyze fines and prices for later part of the yield.

  • Have a collection Card
  • Borrowing Supplies
  • Penalties and Fees

Obtain a Library Cards

Submit an application for a full-access collection Card

Brooklyn market collection’s credit doesn’t cost anything for anyone that life, operates, will pay home duty, or attends university in nyc condition.

  • NYS citizens ages 13 and senior may utilize on line for a collection card.
  • Children 12 and under may not incorporate on the web and is combined with a mom or dad or protector to have a library cards at an unbarred branch.

Get a physical collection cards

When you submit an application for a library credit, you have to check out one of our now exposed branches and confirm your cards within month by exhibiting a government-issued identification including your reputation and present handle.

Appropriate authorities given IDs put:

  • Recent New York State Driver’s Licenses
  • Recent New York Status Driver’s Allow
  • Latest New York State Identification Cards
  • Existing IDNYC City Cards

Read lower for just what to accomplish in case you are a brand new York resident with an out-of-state identification.

Young adults (years 13 to 16) can also provide this in place of the aforementioned:

  • Current school photograph ID
  • Present document credit
  • Functioning records

Should you not contain for the IDs in the above list, you can create an up to date photograph identification document (e.g. travel document, work ID, army ID, green card, etc.) plus proof current NYS address that’s been issued in the last 90 days (paystub, postmarked mail, domestic bill). An electronic expenses, rental/lease deal, or financial report enable you to fulfill the residence requirement*.

*Note: Post office bins are not established as property address contact information. Proof of household is.

Moms and dads could use their particular government-issued identification to validate their child’s selection account.

Brand-new Yorkers with government-issued IDs off their says

If you reside in New York State and don’t bring another York county ID, you ought to bring their legitimate out-of-state ID and proof of ny county handle which circulated over the last 3 months (paystub, postmarked email, domestic bill).

If you decide to work in New York or very own house in New York and don’t posses another York State ID, you have to bring your valid out-of-state ID and proof of business in New York, or proof of house control in New York.


Ny condition people who do not need a Brooklyn general public collection cards and wish accessibility the archive’s electronic book, eAudio, online resources and digital directories, and Print on Demand business may apply for an eCard. Your own eCard will end in 1 year and can auto-renew while our personal libraries have limited facilities a result of the pandemic.

Create an eCard and quickly receive a library barcode and PIN to start being able to access our electronic libraries and computer treatments.

Please note that for the job to undergo effectively, you should let the version to track your existing locality. When persuaded with a note including “disc.bklynlibrary.org must keep track of your actual locality”, you must visit “allow after”.

If you’ve got modified the eCard into the full availability selection cards and would want to get maintains, wishlists, checkouts, etc. used in the membership, you need to accomplished the Report a Replacement Card version to start. After posting the design, it will take somewhere around 1-3 business days to suit your interest to send in excess of.

To find out more about the eCard, find out look at this web site our eCard FAQs.

Out-of-State Locals (non-NYS occupants)

Non-NYS customers may get a Brooklyn open collection ongoing take pleasure in entry to our extensive array of documents & sources and eBooks and eAudio. There can be a yearly, non-refundable fifty dollars price for out-of-state cardholders.

Once your product is definitely supplied, a representative will communicate with a person within five (5) working days with all the upcoming procedures.

If you get your very own room cards, you’ll do this by visiting anyone in our 59 venues and consult a staff member. The $50.00 yearly, non-refundable price may be spent during pick-up.

We currently never accept purposes from international citizens at this time.


Reviving the Library Card (These days automatic for a lot of cards before set to expire in 2019 and forward)

Ny State inhabitants: Library playing cards for people end every several years. You should deliver appropriate identification to at least one with the divisions currently offer library cards in order to rekindle your very own card.

Out-of county citizens: Library notes end every single year. To rekindle your own out-of-state subscription, be sure to send an email message to [email shielded] with your selection cards barcode and version of appropriate identification. A $50.00 non-refundable yearly charge is put on your game account.

eCard cases: eCards end one year after enrollment and that can getting restored at one of the branches supplying library cards solution.

Teacher cardholders: For information about how to restore their Educator account, go to our Instructor Card web page.

Revealing Your Own Credit Lost

Any products that were lent and/or charges gathered well before reporting your very own credit destroyed or taken can be your responsibility. In the event your card happens to be reduced or taken, kindly state they by phoning 718.YOUR.BPL or 718.968.7275 right away.

You should also utilize the “review a Card misplaced” feature individual My membership webpage which should temporarily disable your bank account from usage by unauthorized individuals. Take note when this particular aspect can be used, you will never have the option to restore or borrowing selection content (like eMaterial) until your game account happens to be rectified. Satisfy contact us at 718.YOUR.BPL or 718.968.7275 to speak with a staff affiliate who are able to let unblock your money.

To displace your own card, you must shell out a replacement charge and show appropriate identification document.

Borrowing Materials

You may need as much as 50 physical gear at any given time individual library cards, or more to 20 online brands coupled (across Overdrive and Libby merged).

  • Literature – ۳ weeks
  • Audio books – ۳ days with a restriction of 10 gear on one accounts
  • Printed tunes (results) – 3 weeks
  • Movies, movies, Dvds and journals – seven days with a restriction of 10 Compact disks and a coupled overall of 10 clips and movies.


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