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My personal information is to buy from a firm that is concerned about ita€™s clientele

My personal information is to buy from a firm that is concerned about ita€™s clientele

The guidelines will be to buy from a company that truly cares about ita€™s customers.

Ordered a higher the very first day of December, sent 12+ period without any reply. Known as them five times with a promise of transport soon enough. Billed our cc best a method nevertheless no Upper. Obtain emails from their site daily about selling and deals. NFW. this is exactly the previous opportunity i shall deal with these A-holes. Nonetheless no Uppera€¦

You apologize on the shortage of connection on your own arrange from November. At that moment the customer service team would be getting a large amount of associates, that has beenna€™t allowing us all to reply inside our wanted time period.

You see their aggravation really product are shipped also, and would want to negotiate your own experiences more. Kindly e-mail us at [email secured] .

Your rifle (ordered into the charcoal week sale) got in monthly to eventually appear, & the wrought iron destinations fourteen days beyond that, that had been annoying, but their client care section had been extremely responsive the efforts. Your longest delay the cell is thirty minutes, and also that am the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, the moment they were super-busy operating most of the purchases from your vacation sales. All the other calls had been around a 5 minute delay.

His or her give us a call info has reached the base of every web page of their page. The number try 860-229-9994.

We apologize regarding shortage of conversation your order. While we will have our personal contact details on all of our internet site, i am aware how it may be overlooked since it is in the bottom for the page. You did see a very high number of contacts throughout that timeframe and were unable to respond to each with our desired period of time.

We wish to get to know about your very own purchase encounter, since it will assist in improving as time goes by. You should call us at [email shielded] .

Thanks,Chris B.Stag Arms

Ia€™m extremely unhappy to see of different Stag clientele getting exact same problems that i actually doa€¦that are: No shipping without connections. Your order would be located 3 weeks ago for the entire top. After 4 efforts through the pointless a€?customer provider forma€?, we begun calling. No humans happened to be gotten in touch with as each call drove right to message.Finally, profits! We attained a dame in spite of this there have been merely Two individuals that completed support and something am aside. We offered their the purchase quantity, and she a€?thoughta€? it will be 3 much more daysa€¦I mentioned a€?you believe?a€? and she explained a€?yeah, theya€™re kinda behinda€?.One additional times, and that order becomes canceleda€¦by just how I laughed inside the writer of this piece when he bragged on the buyers servicea€¦Caveat Emptor!

Howdy Raymond Ford,

Most people value your energy and time in supplying this comments Beard dating for free, and we apologize regarding lack of communication on your own purchase. I am certain your own put in feedback can assist people in future changes, and wants one contact north america at [email safeguarded] to go over your feel furthermore.

Using same problem with no impulse from customer, obtained a Stag-10 on Black monday, all i’d like try approximately transportation meeting, happy to wait nevertheless shortage of connection is actually bothersome.now I am a return customers, really doesna€™t seem like exactly the same providers as it once was, each person right at the helm therefore indicates! For the moment i will be still prepared but i actually do get limitations, brand-new clientele beware.

Ia€™m regretful to find out regarding the exposure to our personal customer support team and I also apologize for the low connection. I would like to hear more information on their experiences, since I are able to tell would farther along help us in progress to your team. You need to email us at [email secured] .

My AR all going with a removed Stag lower from my favorite LGS. Over the years, Ia€™ve ordered a reduced areas system and nickel boron BCG directly from Stag life websites. Sending grabbed a while, but, I am just really pleased with level of quality elements we gotten. I recently ordered a Stag 15 Minimalist Upper to transform your frankenstein to a bonafide comprehensive Stag rifle. It may be some time before I receive they, but, Ia€™m confident Ia€™ll appreciate my favorite brand-new higher. Persistence are a virtue, guys. Just where Stag weapon is lacking in delivering speeds and customer- they much more than compensate for with standard assurance and delight within their craftsmanship. Ita€™s definitely worth the waiting!

Merely an up-date when I read those opinions about low presence and delays in transport. Purchased an upper yesterday and gotten email today that object got transported. Would believe thata€™s an extremely fast turnaround and get did not have troubles at this point, Will continue to track and will eventually modify if things change.

What makesna€™t the unit 2 pointed out?

We’ve been at present in contact with the writer to offer you posts on all of our products/services. The type 2 has now already been refreshed into the Stag 15 M4, that is upgraded to take out the haul control prepared for a Magpul MBUS backside picture. Please feel free to reach out to incorporate with any questions to [email shielded]

Ordered a 15L LEO December 29th on your nickle boron BCG while having nonetheless not just received they. I cana€™t trust these are merely service to help make an absolute lefty AR. We possibly could have discovered to take righty currently.

Ia€™m sorry to listen relating to your experience in our freight division. Our company is constantly attempting to enhance the tasks and I understand that your comments because of your experience would allow us to improve. I want for you to get in touch with us all at [email secured] to learn more.

Inform to January article: still no upper. For starters, is was the NiBo BCG and then ita€™s the SS barrel unavailable. Yet we nonetheless become day-to-day sales e-mails! I call BS within the attire.

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